The developer log of the game "Io"; a roguelike 3D platformer with fully malleable procedurally generated dungeons.

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Dec 17

Here we go, finally getting some time off to animate this fella!

Progress may have been a little bit slow the past months, but nevertheless do we have a handful of screenshots teasing the upcoming changes. We’re hoping to release a new gameplay video sometime in early 2012. :)

Aug 2

Level generation


Levels are automatically generated using “rooms” created in the editor that are fitted together to create dungeon-like levels for the player to explore. Please note that rooms, models and textures in these screenshots are placeholders.

Debug-smiley :)

We’re also working on a versatile item/inventory system, and monster AI. Both the player and the monsters will be able to pick up and use items. We want to create a unique experience for each playthrough in as many ways as possible.

Jul 25

There, the blog is up and running with a css that’s not a complete eyesore.

I think a small introduction on what we’re trying to accomplish with this project is in order.
What we’re aiming for with Io, is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master roguelike in the spirit of the indie hit Spelunky.

Our engine is capabable of handling polygon rendered, fully destructible 3D voxel environments. A gameplay mechanic that the player will have to keep in mind and utilise to successfully progress throughout the game.

Io is set in a surrealistic alien world, allowing us to create whatever monster or contraption we can think of! :)

We’re three Swedish college students currently involved in this project; Jarl Larsson(bytegrove), Jesper Oskarsson(redien) and Alexander Brodén(alcabro)